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Jet/Vac Services in Woodland Park, NJ

Advanced Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc. has state-of-the-art, heavy duty jet/vac trucks that utilize high velocity water jets to clear obstructions in storm drains, wastewater service areas, and a variety of other high-maintenance commercial, industrial, and residential areas.

Our Combination Jet/Vac Service Units Are Utilized For:

  • Cleaning Large Diameter Pipe 8" Through 60"
  • Cleaning Sanitary And Storm Sewers
  • Cleaning Ejector Pits
  • Cleaning Catch Basins
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Root And Concrete Cutting
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Cleaning Media Filters
  • Manhole Cleaning
  • Pumping Services
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